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Cici -short for Cecily- is a native of North Carolina and has been a student of Yoga since late 2013, but a student and lover of movement her entire existence. She grew up as an athlete, with a lot of time spent upside-down and being tossed in the air,  but it wasn't until her early twenties that she finally gave yoga a fair try. It was a hot sweaty Vinyasa class that first hooked her, at Yoga to the People in Williamsburg on N 11th. Lying in a pool of her own salt water, in the middle of a room full of sweaty yet peaceful New Yorkers on a rainy Tuesday afternoon, she realized she had finally found a bee-line to Peace; To contentment; To the home in her own body she thought she had lost the connection with. She didn't know much then...just that she'd be back the next day.

Teaching didn't come up until years later, when life showed its promise of impermanence in a way that flipped her world upside-down and ignited a desire dig deeper into the truths being presented to her via yoga. Her practice stepped up and became her life-line, her ritual, and the source of the utmost intrigue and inspiration in her daily life. Thus, she decided to embark on the journey to learning more and sharing its magic...



T E S T I M O N I A L S 

"Cici is a bright light! What she teaches is fueled by her sweet spirit. I was so inspired by her energy when taking her classes and just chatting with her. Plus, I love watching her tutorial videos. Five stars!!!"
 - Allison Williamson