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"Any chance I have to take a class of Cici's, I take it. She has this wonderful light around her that's infectious, you can't help but be inspired about the sequences to come. Cici has this amazing ability to make you feel like you can do anything and makes you actually want to try. If you haven't taken a class with her, you need to. I guarantee that you won't regret it and you'll walk out of the room with your chin up and a fresh perspective for the rest of your day. PLUS she gives awesome hugs!"


"Cecily does a fantastic job instructing you through her class in a purposeful and calming way. I started taking her classes when she was teaching at the NC State Garden for donations. I followed her to her next studio, have been to a local yoga retreat of her's and can't wait to go on one of her Meraki Trips! I've been doing yoga for over 7 years and she is one of my all time favorite teachers (and an amazing human being too). Highly recommend!"


'Cici transformed my practice.
Yoga feels so complex and overwhelming sometimes but she is able to translate the subtle details and movements in a way that makes things click. Cici's teaching has changed how I view and feel poses in my practice. This, combined with her uplifting spirit makes poses that felt out of reach before become so possible. So so thankful for my time with her!'


"I've been taking Cici's classes and teaching alongside her for about 3 years now ~ and I honestly accredit my new love for the deep, slow offerings to her. I promise you, you won't find a more wonderful, slothful, slow flow + restorative + yin teacher anywhere!"

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