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Cecily Smith 

E-RYT 200

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Cici's passion to share the healing practices of Yoga landed her on a Teacher Training with Jolie Manza, founder of YogaKOH, back in 2016. She has been on a mission to keep learning and sharing ever since. Currently, the majority of her time is spent traveling and hosting workshops + classes + international retreats with the company she co-founded, Meraki Yoga Trips, along with assisting Teacher Trainings with YogaKOH.

Her classes focus on linking movement with breath, in a repetitive and intentional way - encouraging students to lean in and be curious about sensation, rather than running away from it. The goal being a balance of Stirha and Sukha (Effort and Ease) A balance of creating tension and then releasing it, of connecting to rhythm but moving fluidly. Equinimity; which she hopes her students will take off the mat as well. She teaches a variety of different styles, blending influences and techniques from different lineages of yoga including : Vinyasa + Yin + Jivamukti + Ashtanga, plus a devout obsession with all things upside down!

Current Workshop Offerings:

  • Find Your Float - Inversion Training + Bandha Control

  • Intuitive Touch with Lauren Alivia Yoga

  • Flight School with Lauren Alivia Yoga


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